Tuesday, July 1, 2014


~ A Few Notes for the Fall Season ~
Brought to you by Rick of The Private Professionals

With Halloween soon upon us, the fall party season is now in full swing! Indeed, the Private Pro's have had a truly successful year in spite of the recent economy. This I believe is a testament to the level of service we provide & the quality of the team we offer. No doubt, we're a fun group & not stuffy about the service we provide, but do we take our role very seriously. We understand that when someone throws a party or an organization holds an event, THIS is their moment to shine & a 'huge' deal for the individual concerned. But in the end, it's those we serve that really carry the heart of The Private Pro's & allow us to continue on as we have. So I wanted to take just a brief moment & thank each of our clients & all those who have supported us over the past few years. 

I thank you all…

In this spirit, please check out the website. We've make a couple changes to offer a cool new feature as a value added service. In addition to the quarterly newsletter & list of available resources, we now offer a special City Guide (http://www.theprivateprofessionals.com/11.html): providing a fantastic listing of various social & professional organizations in the area, as well various resources for what's going on - keeping you in the loop & in the know.


Now as chill nights & more temperate afternoons soon turn the landscape into a wonder of explosive color & natural beauty, we enter into a season of festival harvest & traditional celebration. Indeed, it's a perfect time to work hard on the task at hand, yet take a moment to pause & savor the prosperity we thus create.

Besides, how can you not love Halloween!?!   :-)   Since our favorite holiday falls on a Saturday this year, the weekend before & during will be a busy time for all of us. In fact, we're now taking bookings & slots are filling fast. So please let us know if you or any friends may have plans in the works. We don't want to get caught short.

In the meantime, I thought I might send along a few favorite drinks & a couple good ideas to make your affair something special.  

Since your party may collide with so many other events, you'll probably want a bit more flash to be sure you get a top pic on someone's calendar.  Just how far can you go with such an enticement?  Well, clearly a more formal invitation that is mailed always trumps a simple evite. But you may even want to take it one step further as friends Kristen & Michael have done to actually combine the two.

A beautiful invitation was mailed (& carried around to various events in case they ran into someone who hadn't already received the invitation). This then drove people to a website which gave the full rundown & allowed for a simple R.S.V.P. via email. The end result is something fairly spectacular (a sense of expectation that I can assure you party itself lives up to).  Check it out (please note that permission was received to send this along):  http://www.letterk.com/Halloween.html

And of course, the season lends itself to some pretty fun drinks…

Classic Creature Feature - Vodka martini, straight up (olives or twist).

Rocky Horror - it's Pink & it's a Cosmo.  ;-)

1 ¼ shot (5ct) Vodka (preferably Citron).
¼ shot (1ct) Triple Sec.
Finish w/ splash of Sours, splash of Cranberry, & squeeze of lime.

Shake hard & serve up as a Martini (it should be lightly pink not red).

Black Death - it looks evil, but it's as smooth as a cherry bomb - beware!

1 ¼ shot (5ct) BLACK Vodka (it's actually black in color but as smooth as vodka).
¼ shot (1ish ct) Blue Curacao.
Finish w/ splash of Cherry, splash of Cranberry, & squeeze of lime.

Shake hard & serve up as a Martini (I garnish w/ little plastic skeletons crawling out of it).

The Vampire- Pomegranate martini, with real human blood!  Okay, not really…

1 ¼ shot (5ct) Vodka (preferably Citron).
¼ shot (1ct) Triple Sec.
Finish w/ splash of Pomegranate, Cranberry, & squeeze of lime.

Monster Mango Martini - it's a Mango Martini, silly…   :-) 

1 ¼ shot (5ct) Vodka.
¼ shot (1ct) Triple Sec.
Finish w/ splash of Looza Mango, Pineapple, & squeeze of lime.

Shake hard & serve up as a Martini (garnish w/ orange spiral).

Godzilla's Mayhem - sure, it's a Margarita, but it's Radioactive!

Make a standard margarita & drop in a small glowstick to garnish.

Witches Brew - Hot Mulled Cider w/ Capt. Morgan, a classic party favorite!

Note: don't add the rum to the cider until you actually serve a drink. If you add the rum to the mulling cider you'll basically just evaporate away the alcohol.


If there's anything we can do to be of assistance then please don't hesitate to call. In fact, if you're on Twitter, Facebook, or a regional post board & would be willing to give us a quick recommendation & link, it would be deeply appreciated.

In the meantime, we hope everyone has a great fall season.
Don't eat too much candy!


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